Allison grew up and studied art in Colorado, lived in the Caribbean and now resides in Sarasota. She exhibits and instructs at the Art Center Sarasota.
Drawn to the the philosophies, processes and style of the abstract expressionists, her usual choice of medium is acrylic, which lends itself to the strong colors and designs associated with the modernists’ movement. She has won awards, contributed art to non-profit organizations and volunteers at Mote Marine in their youth education department.

Posted On Mon February 25th 2019
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Augusto Argandoña is a well known artist who has gained recognition for his crisp and realistic watercolors. With a degree in Industrial Design from California State University, he has practiced his profession for 20 years all the while pursuing his passion for painting. While working as a Designer he started painting watercolors as a hobby, as his skill expanded, he began doing paintings for relatives and showing his art publicly. The positive response his work received fueled his enthusiasm and in 1990 he began a new career painting full time primarily in watercolors. Based on his formal training as a Designer, Argandoña has developed a distinctive painting style which has wide appeal and provides him with many opportunities to use his talent. His artistic versatility and expertise in the challenging medium of watercolors coupled with his approach at marketing his art has won him a feature article in the June 1992 issue of North Light Magazine, an art publication with national circulation. Previously a resident of East Aurora, NY, Argandoña moved to Sarasota, FL. in 1997.

Posted On Mon April 16th 2018
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Behind the Brush
Beth Gorbet was a graphic artist for 20 years prior to pursuing a career in nutrition. In order to satisfy her creative side, Beth began to paint, preferring watercolour as a grand departure from the linear structure of the graphics world. More recently she pursues acrylic and mixed media.
She enjoys experimenting with various techniques, approaches and subject matter though she is consistently inspired by organic shapes and soft edges. Beth attempts to breathe a life essence into form as she pursues vibrant color.
Beth credits her love for art, if not her talent, to her father who was an artistic genius, working not only as a painter but a sculptor, musician and calligrapher. She hopes she makes him proud every day.


Posted On Sat December 01st 2018
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Posted On Tue October 09th 2018
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I am a Florida native, inventor, patent holder, glass artist and most recently, graduate scholar.  I see life through…color, texture, light and opportunity.  I have been called “artrepreneur,” but I am simply pursuing what I love.

The design I have the privilege to share visually playful, it somehow pulls you in and delights you.   The contrast creates a wonderful balance.  The wood and glass medium is a unique patented signature of color, light and texture.  I discovered the process through a desire to exhibit and stabilize glass in a detailed expression.  It allows the organic appeal of wood, complemented by the complexity of glass.   It also creates minimal waste and is a nontoxic stained glass application.  This is unusual in glass design. 

Initially I saw the process as an application for fine art, but I realized it could be integrated into cabinetry, lighting, furniture and hospitality design.  I have recently developed a new adaptation for cabinet panel design that is currently patent pending.  It is also a medium with a cut panel and glass which accentuates the image through the application of light. I graduated from my master’s program from the University of Florida on the same day the process became patent pending. 

Posted On Fri May 18th 2018
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Catherine began painting at an early age and continued taking classes and workshops from artists she admired. Since becoming retired, she has devoted more time to painting. Her style has evolved from realistic to abstract. She feels that the viewer becomes more engaged in the painting when it is abstract, leaving it up to the viewer to fill in whatever details emerge from his/her imagination.

Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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Originally from Connecticut, Cheryl dreamed of the day that she would reside in Paradise.  Now, happy to be living in beautiful Sarasota, her love of the gorgeous sunsets inspired her to integrate them into her art.  Having previously studied watercolors, once she discovered alcohol inks, she was hooked.  She decided to combine painting with her love of making jewelry by featuring her art in one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Cheryl is a member of the Alcohol Ink Art Society and continues to hone her skills through a variety of workshops and conferences.  Her art enables you to take a piece of Paradise with you wherever you go. 

Posted On Sun April 15th 2018
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Sarasota native born Diane Kole has been honing her skills as an Artist since as long as she can remember.
Her Love for the natural Florida environment comes through her work as an Artist. Creating her work with a strong emphasis on the Flora, Fauna and Wildlife of our natural Coastal environments. Diane has a passion for creating large original Art pieces, whether it is on a Wall, Ceiling or a Canvas.
If you ask her how long she's been an Artist; she will say since the days of sitting at her parent's dining room table...carving all the soaps in the house into tiny Animals.
That love of carving carried through her entire life. Today, her One-of-a-kind Plaster and Clay sculptures are large three dimensional Tropical Foilage, Birds, Wildlife and Contemporary Forms. They grace the walls of many Custom Homes, Restaurants and Medical offices throughout Southwest Florida and other parts of the United States where her commissions have taken her. 

Her paintings are done in a variety of styles; always taking pleasure in Constant Change and Evolution. Currently her favorite style of painting would be considered Contemporary Impressionism with a dash of her own Expression thrown in .
She loves using natural ingredients in her work such as glass, crystals and stones in her paintings

Posted On Mon December 23rd 2019
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Dick Rochester retired after serving 26 years with the Tiffin, Ohio Fire Department.  Since that time he has tried his hand at carving, lapidary, stained glass, diachroic jewelry and now he seems to have found his niche turning wooden bowls. Since he spends six months a year in Florida, he has access to many exotic woods, including rosewood, camphor, Norfolk Island pine and mahogany, to mention just a few. But Ohio woods still form a large part of his inventory.

Rochester, or “Roc” as he is known is over 80, but he shows no signs of slowing down. Stop by the gallery and take a look at his beautiful woodwork, and buy one because there's no greater reward, in heaven or on earth, than making an old man happy.

Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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My Art glass work is simplicity, uncomplicated beauty.

I have taught Fine Art, Stained Glass and exhibited paintings internationally for over forty years.

My Stained Glass work has progressed from traditional to more abstract forms.  Better to appreciate the natural beauty, light, color and form as well as added natural elements such as Agate. Many different medium offer many new inspirational opportunities to create.

Posted On Wed September 05th 2018
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Elaine is an attorney who enjoyed a career as an Administrative Law Judge in Michigan and worked for the US Department of Homeland Security before turning to art in 2006. She teaches Beginning and Intermediate-Advanced Watercolor for Adult Community Enrichment at the Suncoast Technical Collage.  She also brings internationally known artists to teach workshops at Art Center Sarasota.

Elaine was awarded the “Cutting Edge” Award at the International Society of Experimental Artists Exhibition 2016, and accepted for the 10th Biennial National Art Exhibition, 2015, the Florida Watercolor Society (FWS) 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2013 Exhibitions and Traveling Show. Her paintings were also accepted for the FWS Digital Show in 2009, 2010, 2014 and she won 3rd Place in this show in 2012.  

Posted On Sun May 06th 2018
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Gail is an elected member of the New Jersey Watercolor Society, the Garden State Watercolor Society, NJ League of Professional Artists, the Baltimore Watercolor Society, and the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society.  She is also an exhibiting member of Women Contemporary Artists of Sarasota, Florida, the Annapolis Watercolor Club and associate member of the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club of New York City, Transparent Watercolor Society, National and American Watercolor Societies, and a long time member of the NJ Art Educators.  


She retired as art teacher after having taught 30 years at all levels.  Ms White attained her Bachelor degree at the College of NJ and Master’s degree from Georgian Court University.  She has been a member of the instructional staff at Art Center Sarasota 15 years, teaching watercolor in the fall and winter months. During the summer months she teaches at Anne Arundel Community College in Annapolis, MD.  Additionally, she gives watercolor demonstrations and workshops for various organizations and has served as juror for several regional art associations. The artist divides her time between her homes in Annapolis, MD and Sarasota, FL.



Posted On Thu November 08th 2018
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George is a retired CSI detective from the Washington, D.C. area.  In retirement he has taken numerous painting and sculpture classes at the Ringling School of Art and Design as well as the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  

Through his stuides George has discovered his true passion in sculpture and focuses his art on the whimsical side of life.

George's art is one of a kind.  He often uses raku clay with a finish in acrylic pants and multi media.  George has won numerous awards at various venues and his pieces have been featured in the Bradenton Herald, Sarasota Herald, Longboat Key Observer and local TV

Posted On Wed November 28th 2018
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I studied art in Venezuela before studying law and specialization in criminal matters, dedicating himself to the legal profession for more than 23 years.

Now away from the world of laws and the land that saw him born, he devotes his time to his true passion, which is Art in the specialty of oil painting.

His work has had different periods going through the landscape impressionism and portraits as well as works in spatula, participating with it in explosions of that country.

After his arrival in the city of Naples, inspiration takes him between lights and shadows, which represents his new period in the elaboration of simple and large-format works of art.

The motive of the Woman in all its expressions that range from feminine reflection to hidden desires as well as other manifestations. There are so many reasons that only the viewer will define each of these expressions.

The lights and shadows invade Naples is his new exhibition in the middle of lines that express what inspires him now.

Art manifests itself in many ways and today we have this artistic expression that begins invading Naples and that will then travel all over the USA.

Posted On Thu February 21st 2019
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After over 40 years as an architect, Hans has returned to his love of the visual arts.  He enjoys painting in all media. He shares time between his two studios in Charlevoix, Michigan and Sarasota, Florida.  He is inspired by the abundance of beauty in both places.  As an admirer of beautiful paintings from Winslow Homer, Andrew Wyett and John Singer Sergeant, Hans began to painting with water colors and soon fell in love with this medium and the creative process. Han's travels throughout Europe and the United States has influenced his art and his use of various colors.

Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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Helen Burkett, origionally from Arlington, VA, moved to Sarasota, FL in 1974, where she maintains her studio.   She attended the University of Maryland, the Corcoran School of Art, and various study groups.   She has studied with Frank Wright of Washington, DC, Valfred Thelin of Ogunquit, ME, William Packner of Woodstock, NY, and others.

     Helen Burkett's paintings have won numerous awards and have been included in many exhibits including those sponsored by the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, the Midwest Watercolor Society, the Southeastern Watercolorists, the Southern Watercolor Society, the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, the Florida Watercolor Society, etc.


Posted On Tue May 15th 2018
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Jack Dowd’s infatuation with the arts began early. He was born in New York in 1938 and as a young person growing up in the 1940’s and 50’s, he enjoyed many of the advantages of being in the exciting art capital of the Post-War world. In addition to the exuberant experience of exploring the new ideas of the avant-garde art produced in the city, Dowd attributes the influence of the great American films of that day with igniting his imagination and firing his quest for adventure.

In his early career, Dowd pursued employment that enabled him to travel and he chose both exotic and not so exotic places for his work. The experience of meeting and working with many different people helped him develop an insight into the human psyche that serves today to allow him to endow his sculpted figures with humor, sensitivity, pathos, satire and even hubris.



Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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A graduate of Ringling School of Art & Design and Tampa Technical Institute, artist Jeff Kriberscheck began his career as a graphic designer for Gulfshore Life magazine. Working his way up to Advertising Art Director, Jeff created award-winning features and advertising layouts for some of the publications most prestigious clients. Leaving the publication in 2002 he set out on his own as a freelance graphic designer and over the course of 13 years created logos, illustrations and advertising layouts for various businesses and publications. In 2006, Jeff illustrated his first children's book The Great Monkey Adventure by author Erin Rabon. The second children's book A Rainy Day Tale was published in 2010, this time with Jeff taking the reigns as author AND illustrator. In 2015 Jeff illustrated his third children's book Furry Oscar Finds a Home written by Sue Tomko. Throughout the course of his career, Jeff spent his "spare time" honing his skills as a fine artist; his true passion. Combining his love for illustration and painting with the skills he acquired as a graphic designer, Jeff's work reflects his own whimsical style, depicting the world around us.

Posted On Fri August 03rd 2018
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Jennifer is a mixed media artist whose passion for coastal life inspired a recent move from Texas to the shores of Sarasota, Florida where the Gulf Coast’s beaches birds and botanicals provide fresh inspiration. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Colorado followed by 25 years in the art business, she exhibits her work in galleries surrounding the Gulf Coast. Directing galleries from San Francisco to Austin, Jennifer has been exposed to an immense amount of art allowing her to develop a truly individual and unique style. Her work has been on the cover of The Islander and Coast magazines and in many feature editorials. The joyful mixed media works are filled with imaginative colors, textures and whimsy. Text and words are ripped and cut and along with decorative papers, they playfully come alive on painted surfaces. They celebrate the beauty of coastal living and tell a story of a life at the beach!

Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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Contemporary mixed media techniques.  I enjoy adding elements of abstraction into the development of the painting to add a fresh, contemporary feel.  Using mixed media processes and tools allows me to explore this space by adding texture and layers in my paintings using a variety of creative tools as well as traditional brushes. I also create my own collage pieces to add subtle dimension to my paintings.

Water and the natural world is often a theme of my art. I seek to express what a particular moment or time meant to me, whether it was rich and intense, or subtle and lingering. The colors I use in my artwork represent that experience, mood or memory I am trying to convey. 

At age 11, I began painting still lifes and landscapes in oil but ended up putting my brushes away for decades. I reignited my desire to create art a number of years ago when I attended an impressionistic painting workshop in Italy. I can't describe how it felt to finally do something I deeply wanted to do. However, career and family took priority until I moved to Sarasota and began to truly fulfill my desire. Today, as a self-developed artist, I am delighted to be living in an area where a thriving art community gives me the opportunity to grow as an artist as well as paint with and learn from well-respected artists

It's hard to describe how wonderful it is to get up every morning and do something one passionately loves. As an artist, I can only hope that the pieces of me that are in every painting resonate with the viewer.


Posted On Mon December 30th 2019
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Posted On Tue October 09th 2018
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Jonathan exemplifies Picasso’s adage that every child is an artist and that the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. About age nine he felt he was ‘no good’ at art, so he stopped. 60 years later, after a career in community development in Africa, he took a portraiture class and was quickly hooked on that magic moment when marks on paper come together as a face. After sketching a thousand human faces, Jonathan broadened his focus to include portraits of pets and wildlife, and added color by switching to pastels.


Jonathan welcomes commission requests for any species: golden retrievers to grandkids. He also is working on a series called ‘endangered kin’ to portray dozens of our fellow primates whose habitats are shrinking. Jonathan’s hard-earned wisdom on to how to remain/become an artist as a grown-up is to keep painting until you like what you see. And he embraces Picasso’s observation that it may take a very long time to become young.

Posted On Wed December 05th 2018
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Joy Garafola has been photographing and writing, since she was a child.  She is inspired by her deep love for the ocean, yoga, and spirituality.  She is drawn and moved by the earth, water, and sky.

She is a photographer, writer, and a certified health & wellness instructor.

The Joy of Yoga For Life was born in 2015 when she begin sharing her ocean inspired spiritual photos.

All work was created locally in the Sarasota area.

Posted On Fri March 22nd 2019
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I live in Venice, moving here five years ago from the Chicago Land area.

I am a self taught artist, using photography as my main medium. My inspiration has always come from nature and the people who surround me. I feel I am preserving memories for myself, as well as for others. My images reflect the beauty of the world, allowing the view to surrender time and space, and to just be in the present moment.

Art evokes many emotions, and if intended, can also bring peace of mind. I am hoping my images promote tranquility and maybe a few moments of escapism from the sometimes chaotic world.

Posted On Wed October 10th 2018
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Retired Deputy Police Chief (31 years).
Published writer and photographer for over 25 years.  Married to Denise and living in Punta Gorda, Fl.  I Love photographing the SW Florida area and all its beauty.



Posted On Thu January 10th 2019
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I was born Kimberly Idona McCormick and grew up in a waterfront community on the Magothy River near Annapolis, Maryland. 

I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Salisbury University, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the George Washington University.  I studied painting under WilliamWoodward in graduate school, who taught me classical and impressionist painting technique and color theory. I worked as a Graphic Designer and spent 6 years directing a team of designers at PriceWaterhouseCoopers management consulting.  I taught as an adjunct professor at the George Washington University and Anne Arundel Community College, as well as other continuing education centers. I was an Artist-in-Residence for 3 years, teaching figure and portrait drawing at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts.

I spent the past 5 years living between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, where I gained a deep appreciation for painting portraits of people from very different races and cultures. Currently, I live in Sarasota and specialize in Contemporary Realistic Figurative painting and drawings, depicting people of all ages and races at work, play and enjoying the human experience. 

In addition to portrait commissions, and life drawing, I enjoy playing the piano, watching my children grow, and traveling with my family.

Posted On Fri March 22nd 2019
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Lees Klemm, Contemporary Impressionist, has been painting professionally for over forty years. She learned the Impressionist techniques in Philadelphia from her mentor for over 10 years, the late Martin Jackson. She has also mastered other styles with various teachers, but always returns to Impressionism as her base. Many of Lees' paintings reflect her love of nature. In addition, she is inspired by scenery from travels in the US and abroad. Since moving to Englewood, FL six years ago, she has found unlimited subject matter in her beautiful local surroundings. She also enjoys experimenting with abstracts. Light and texture, combined with her signature use of color, work together for a painterly effect in her pieces. Her goal is to offer the viewer a beautiful experience through her paintings. Lees' paintings have been exhibited in numerous galleries, art centers, and juried shows in PA, NC, MA, FL, and CA, and are represented in private collections throughout the world., She has been featured in one-women and group shows, and has won many awards, including Best-in-Show.

Posted On Tue July 17th 2018
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I am a native Minnesotan, living now in Sarasota, but my soul comes from Hawaii, the tropics and the oceans….

My art hangs in private homes and businesses in many US states, coast to coast, and in Australia, London and Canada. 

I’ve drawn since a young child…. And painted for the past 30 years; continually becoming less and less structured.  My art is abstract, very bold texture and expressive.  To me, it is very spiritual.  Common interpretations are water, sailing & marinas, forests, evergreen trees and abstract florals.  Colors tend towardsgreens, blues, purples, reds, naturals & metallics.

Works are an abstract expression of my dreams, my reality, my unknown existence to understand their origins, their meaning, their depth ….. a communication from light, energy and thought …. Of constant change …. And, with the hope of creating interest, conversation and the desire to delve into your imagination; to create a contentment in life and a desire to live.

With the use of a palette knife, vivid acrylics, genuine gold, silver and copper leaf.  The pieces reflect a natural harmony a distinct texture and a depth that continues beyond ….

An individual expression.

Posted On Wed April 03rd 2019
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Luther Rosebaro likes to make lifelike drawings. He has been drawing since childhood and has always loved using pencil.  Luther uses graphite pencil and colored pencil on paper, using blenders.

Posted On Mon May 07th 2018
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Marcia Haughey is a fine artist who works in a variety of media.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Miami University in Ohio, and a Master's equivalency in Fine Arts from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.  Having taught high school art  for 20 years in Gilford, NH, Marcia found it necessary to be able to work in all the media she was teaching, including pottery and sculpture.  Teaching helped her to become a better artist.

Marcia enjoys working realistically and abstractly, with careful consideration for composition.  She explores different techniques, enjoying the constant evolution of learning.  While motivated to create her own paintings, she also happily accepts commission work.

Marcia is a member of Art Center Sarasota, where her work has been awarded, and has won numerous awards in the Lakes Region Artists Association shows in New Hampshire.  Her art can be seen in The Artists Nook Gallery, Laconia, NH, as well as here.

Posted On Sat November 10th 2018
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 A former resident of the Midwest, Marg Williamson now calls Lakewood Ranch, FL her home.

After a career in the Advertising world, Marg now explores her love of nature and expresses it with the spontaneity of self-taught realistic, contemporary watercolors and acrylics.

“I have a strong connection with preserving in paintings the beauty of the world around us.” Marg organized a weekly ‘Paint Together’ group in 2003, which still meets to share the joy of painting. She creates her paintings and murals in plein-air or from her photos of SW Florida landmarks, flora or fauna or from her photos of England, Europe or the Caribbean.


Posted On Wed October 31st 2018
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Her Background

When Mary retired as an excutive and moved to Venice, Florida, she discovered she had a talent and passion for painting. 

Commissioned Paintings

Mary specializes in visiting your home and finding the right size and artistic technique to match the aesthetic of your home. She also exhibits and sells from her studio, shows and galleries.

"The Power of Spirit" Art

Painting is a spiritual and creative expression for Mary. Her favorite pieces start with a high level image, meditation and then letting the details emerge via the Power of Spirit.

Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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Living most of her life on islands, Mary Lou is passionately drawn to watery scenes and their infinite array of color, mood, and composition in her artistic photographic creations.  After retiring from her private practice as a marriage and family therapist and divorce mediator, she plunged into her love of photography and digital painting capturing God’s beauty with a watery emphasis.  Coastal environments throughout the U.S., South America, the Caribbean and Europe are favorites.

Mary Lou’s art is displayed in many private collections but here are some local public ones to view:

Sarasota Memorial Rehab Hospital  47 large canvases and framed prints

LBK Club Inn on the Beach- S end of LBK- lobby very large canvases 

Amore Restaurant Sarasota-  4 Italian canvases

The Toasted Mango Cafe on 41 – 13 tropical subjects on canvas

The  Toasted Mango Cafe on Siesta Key -15 canvases

Drs. Hospital lobby and hallways-  beach images canvas

Longbeach Cafe- north end of LBK  10 canvases

“Hey!  Wait for Me!”   from cover of Sarasota Magazine plus 10 others

Mary Lou’s coffee table book, The Lure of Longboat Key, sold out in 8 months and is in its second printing.  It was featured in NYC at the International BookExpoUSA receiving national and international awards.  

Art honors and awards include juried local, state, national and international competitions. Most recently, her fine art exhibition was in NYC at the International ArtExpoNY.  Mary Lou was a Finalist in NY Times Square International Competition and a Finalist in Photographer of the Year for Popular Photography Magazine. Her images have been featured in The PPA Showcase, the book of Professional Photographers of America, ShutterbugPhotography Magazine, Southern Boating, Sarasota Herald, Siesta Observer, Longboat Key Observer, Longboat Key News, among other magazines and newspapers.

     She volunteers her photography for many community non-profits.  Always willing and wanting to try new activities, her main ones include playing tennis, reading, attending community events, and getting together with friends and family.

All of Mary Lou’s images can now be custom sizes on paper, canvas, metal or glass!

Posted On Tue September 11th 2018
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Mary has always had a deep emotional tie to nature and animals. While born 
in London, currently living in Sarasota, Florida she is pursuing her passion
for painting. She is primarily self-taught, although she has acquired various
styles and techniques of painting as a result of attending several 
well known artist workshops across the country. Her love for nature 
is exhibited in all her realistic landscape paintings. Being surrounded by 
animals her whole life has helped her transform a photo of an animal into a
soulful painting while catching their true spirit. Clients of hers have been
brought to tears when they receive their commissioned pieces. Her greatest
reward has been to bring happiness to others through her works of art.
Posted On Thu June 07th 2018
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Michael E. Kmiotek spent his working years in Wisconsin but now resides in Sarasota. With an art degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Mike taught elementary art in Milwaukee. 

From running a pottery shop in the 1970s, to producing large welded sculptures in the 2000s, Mike has always remained true to his motto, “Everything is an experiment”. These days he has been focusing on painting and ceramics.

Mike has always been drawn to the colors, patterns, and textures found in landscapes. More recently, the wildlife he encounters in Florida has inspired several interesting works. From tessellation to still life to abstract, Mike likes a variety of techniques.

In addition to painting, Mike writes fiction, goes mushroom hunting, spends time on his unicycle, and explores nature

Posted On Tue December 24th 2019
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Michael Monroe Ethridge is a long time, passionate artist, well-known for his bold domain and use of color.  His art has been recognized and sought after by many international collectors.

Galleries in Santa Fe, Aspen, Sedona, Carmel, Boston, Houston, Naples and now Sarasota, have portrayed Michael’s art with high distinction.  Michael’s art has been featured on the Hollywood Big Screen, and was very well received on a 2015 tour of Europe.

As it is with any great artist, Michael is always looking for new forms to express art and transform the normal into beautiful, Michael has recently launched a new art trend; painted tables.  These modern tables are unique, hand created, very elegant pieces of art that are also functional and bring furniture to a new aesthetic level.  Enjoying coffee or tea while admiring Michael’s artful expression on your table will not be the same again.

The inspiration to infuse Michael’s art and convert a table into a blank canvas came after being commissioned by the well-known Baldwin Piano Corporation to hand paint a series of grand pianos for them.  As an accomplished piano player himself, these painted pianos not only bring art to the ears but also to the eyes in an exquisite artistic fusion of music and paint. These pianos are part of Baldwin’s high-end and luxurious “Artist Series".  The first piano of this series is now being displayed in Shanghai, China.

Each table is an original masterpiece that deserves to be the focus of the room.  Hand created, Michael carefully selects each aspect of the design, down to the size and shape of the top, the color palette, and of course, the individual creation of the artwork on the piece.  The result: an astounding piece of art that will be topic of conversation whenever you have guests in your home or business.

Posted On Sun September 02nd 2018
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I believe the act of creating and the concept of creativity is divine. My greatest inspiration comes from my divine sense of purpose in the creative process itself. Creating something beautiful from something plain and simple is an awesome task and something I truly delight in doing. Birthing life in this way, continues to challenge me creatively and at the same time fulfills deep longings to express what flows out of my heart.

From a design perspective, my evolving work focuses on textures, shapes and colors and the drama that arises when they meet and interact. Using these design elements, my art reflects our ever-changing world and thrives on cutting-edge contemporary art forms. Innovating home décor and corporate art motivates me to keep evolving to satisfy the public’s demand for something fresh.

I cherish my time spent pioneering new ways to express my creative nature. One such discovery emerged out of my fascination with the many textures within our environment. This launched my quest, to translate a tactile surface onto canvas using paint as the primary medium. Through experimentation a sculpture-like, dimensional art form emerged. This breakthrough paved a unique series of products which created a tactile and touchable surface people can experience with their eyes and hands.

Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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Art has been my endless source of sustenance and refreshment through the years. I have taught art history and humanities for eleven years now at both the high school and collegiate levels. I have been a professional artist for the last few years. The scents and colors of the pigments, the feel and sounds of the brush and paint on canvas, these are my footholds into the veracity of a life fully lived. Artistic experimentation is my drug of choice and it never grows old. I work in acrylics, oils, alcohol inks and resin. I create abstracts and realistic portraits. Whatever the mood and subject call for. As Picasso said, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” My varied portfolio is but a window into my life at the moment of its creation.

Posted On Thu July 12th 2018
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Posted On Wed December 05th 2018
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Pamela Olin's art encourages the viewer to enter a dialogue, investing part of themselves to shape their own vision. Using broad technical expertise, she combines varying emotional themes involving the human form and it's intimate space. Olin's art intends to promote self-discovery, growth and the ability to push the envelope of our awareness.

Pamela's teaching philosophy is one of learning by doing. Experience is everything. The exploration of materials and meaning in the classroom as well as the studio should allow self-expression and reflection. Process is integral to the work - the conscious realization of what our hands and minds are capable of producing.

Evolving as a person and making art is a completely intertwined process. The decisions made when making an art object are as important and meaningful as the art piece itself. Olin encourages her students to experiment with materials, to push their ideas to the limit and to think always about the content of their work.

Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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Paris Milliken, who now resides in Punta Gorda, Florida was born and raised in New York City. Starting at the age of ten, Paris began to study the ancient art of Chinese painting,under the private instruction of award-winning Miss Peiling Liang from 1964-1972 in the traditional Chinese mode, ink and watercolor on rice paper. Eventually Paris expanded to a new medium, oil on canvas. Paris studied in Plymouth, Ma with Miss Doro Simone, an accomplished, professional artist and teacher for many years.

Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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Pea Pellew has established herself as a local watercolor artist and illustrator . Known for her attention to detail and her ability to capture the essence of her subject. She draws inspiration from the simplicity of Sarasota’s abundant natural beauty and the energy her subjects possess…then with her paint brush springs them to life.

Posted On Wed January 16th 2019
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Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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I am a self taught artist living in Sarasota.  During my 34 year career as a Clinical Social Worker, I have incorporated art into my practice using various mediums. 

I primarily work in paper mache and hand-painted/decopauge on wooden objects such as purses, hamsas, trays, etc.   I enjoy the versatility and creativity these mediums afford me.  My work has been displayed at several galleries and I have participated in variety of a craft shows.

My artist husband, Ron Gallo, has been my teacher and mentor.

Posted On Wed December 12th 2018
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Artist Ravi has been sculpting and painting for over 20 years as a hobby and following his retirement from business is now producing unique works of fine art. He combines traditional techniques of sculpting and painting with modern digital technology to produce mixed media pieces. Every original piece is made entirely in the studio using a combination of traditional materials and proprietary polymers and metals. Some pieces are hand sculpted from clay but most start with a digital creation by the artist using modern computing technology. Part by part a composition is digitally created and then produced using multiple technologies. All the parts are then painstakingly put together and where needed hand sculpted with epoxy clay. Each piece is then hand finished with sanding and coating/painting with a variety of metal and other finishes.

Some pieces are cast in bronze at a foundry while others are available as original mixed media pieces.

Posted On Thu November 08th 2018
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The goal of my art is to channel my thoughts and feelings, leaving a part of me on the mediums that I work with. I hope that when you look at my art you also find a part of yourself. I hope it both wakens and quiets your inner self. It is like a Rorschach test, it is meant to say what it awakens within you as an individual.
My process begins and ends with shapes. All of nature is made of shapes and I start with larger shapes and layer them with smaller shapes, and then I mix them up creating a chaotic effect. I use oil and acrylic to create the layers and use ink to create architectural lines. The mix of media allows me to achieve the effect of controlled chaos. The paint is chaotic and dimensional but tied together with my use of architectural lines. The chaos does not work without the lines and the lines do not work without the chaos and drama of the paint. I utilize light and darkness to heighten the sense of drama within the audience. 

My art is first and foremost an expression of myself. I want to show the complexity in all things but also the patterns which exist in all of nature. I hope to capture and express raw emotions with the use of texture, light and darkness.  It is about simultaneously restraining and letting go.

Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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Born in Gouverneur, a small town in upstate New York, his love for the arts was apparent even before school age. Rick attributes his interest in painting and drawing to his father who was a miner to support the family by day, but also a self taught artist at night. Through the early years Rick was continually encouraged to continue with his art interests. Fresh out of high school Rick developed a skill for hand lettering signs and painting murals on trucks and billboards. This led to working full time in a sign shop while he pursued Fine Arts degree at SUNY Oswego, in upstate New York. After college he set out to see some of the country and by chance ended up in Sarasota Florida. There, he started a hand lettering business called Manasota Art Sign. Soon he was called upon to letter the circus trailers for Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus in Venice Florida, their winter home at the time. As fate would have it, this would lead to a long career in the live entertainment industry that has spanned nearly 30 years.

   Starting out as a scenic painter in the prop shop, Rick was promoted rapidly to Art Dept. Lead to Production Manager to Director and finally to Vice President of Scenic, overseeing all of scenic, props and special effects for Feld Entertainment's properties worldwide. During his tenure as VP, Rick was also called upon to create the Production Design for many of the company’s shows including; Gold Show Circus, Disney On Ice and Disney Live Stage Shows as well as Feld Motorsports shows and special events.

   Those many years being immersed in this environment had a major impact on his painting and artistic vision.. His use of pure color and movement in his painting is a reflection of the many years working on over the top dramatic shows with super saturated color, lighting and costumes and world class performers.

   Rick recently has scaled back from live entertainment to devote more time to his Fine Art/ Painting while still pursuing Production Design opportunities. He still resides in Sarasota Florida with his wife Lois.

Posted On Mon May 07th 2018
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Posted On Thu April 19th 2018
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Ron Gallo’s work has been selected for both local and national juried shows. He has received awards from numerous art associations and institutions. Among them are the prestigious Salmagundi Club in Manhattan, the Woodmere Art Museum of Philadelphia and the Art Association of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The artist paints every day and tries to adhere to a disciplined schedule. Although at times Gallo paints from life, he is a studio painter, primarily relying on sketches, photos, memory and his imagination.

A simple engaging message is what he strives for. He often tells a story with a little mystery or humor. In his words, "I want my painting to have a substance and feeling. I often try to entertain as well as communicate. I want to engage the viewer and make him think about what he is seeing. If he can relate my painting to his own experience, all the better."

When asked who is the greatest influence on his art, Gallo replied, "All the great painters and my wife, Randee.  Her criticism is always constructive.  She’s smart, supportive, and the perfect model."

Before committing himself to a career as a fine artist, Ron Gallo worked in advertising, creating print ads and television commercials.

Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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I owned a custom cabinet design company for 20 years.  I designed and installed custom cabinetry in high end custom built homes in Avila, Cheval, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Venice, Honduras, and Antiqua.  

During that time, I received six 1st Place Awards from NARI – (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) and the National Subzero Design Award for Best Kitchen.

I have always loved working with wood and now that I am retired I enjoy designing and building wood products in my shop.  I focus on creating unique combinations of colors and grain patterns in the exotic woods to enhance the aesthetic value of the final product.  Currently, I am focusing on Serving Trays made from exotic woods.

Posted On Mon July 02nd 2018
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Sheila Venancia was born in Brazil and is a world traveler. She discovered that Sarasota is a mecca for her in all its forms and fashions.Sheila is a self-taught artist that paints by the name Sheila V.  She creates abstract compositions. Art is her "life therapy"that provides her a sense of expression, accomplishment and fulfillment.

She uses a myriad of colors and works with acrylic, resins, crystals, stones, and metal leaf to create one of a kind works of art. Each piece starts with a vision of the emotion she wants to create that slowly comes together as she applies various techniques and affects to manipulate the medium she is working with.

Posted On Fri January 25th 2019
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I studied at Art Center College of Design, graduated from Salem State University with a major in 3D design.  I have lived in Bradenton for the past 9 years.  I’ve always needed to make things - whatever the medium. The first time I touched clay, I knew it was for me, it just felt right. With clay, there is always something new to learn. I enjoy each step from conception to completion and I strive for simple, lighthearted, and whimsical designs.  If the viewer sees something else, I’m delighted.  I have pieces in collections all over the U.S. One piece is owned by the Museum of Whimsey. I also have won prizes at Art Center Sarasota, Art Center Manatee and Art Uptown Gallery.

Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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Susan calls the lowcountry of South Carolina (Charleston) home.  After a career in medicine as a Registered Nurse, she found her true love in the creation of art.  While she has tried several different types of art, oil and watercolor painting are her chosen mediums.  

Her style is realistic and is heavily influenced by nature itself.  Whether she is painting a landscape, a colorful outdoor market, or florals, she strives to create realistic images that depict the beauty, peace and love that still exists.  While understanding that art may not eliminate  hate and chaos instantaneously, her goal is to bring a moment of calm and a feeling of love to all who view her work.

“If someone looks at one of my paintings and responds with a smile or laughter I am rewarded by that spontaneous expression of emotion”

Now a resident of Sarasota Florida, she has been fortunate to be mentored by well-known Sarasota artist Suzanne Peckfor the last 12 years.  She has also studied with such renowned artists as Mary Whyte (watercolor) and Joseph McGurl (oil, plein air).  Her work has been shown at Art Center Sarasota and Art and Frame of Sarasota.  She is a member of Oil Painters of America, Florida Watercolor Society, Lightchasers Plein Air Painters and The Painting Ladies of Sarasota.  She is represented by Artists on Main, a gallery in Sarasota.

Posted On Tue October 09th 2018
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Glass artists Warner Whitfield and Beatriz Kelemen work with borosilicate glass and fire to create original sculptural forms that are inspired by nature and movement. Each sculpture is created without the use of molds or castings. Each piece is formed by first melting the glass into a taffy-like texture. Then, with the aid of heat and gravity, the glass is gathered, stretched, and blown into shape. 

Warner Whitfield began working in glass in 1972 and apprenticed with master glass artist Fritz Bachman from Hamburg, Germany, before establishing his own glass studio in 1976. Beatriz Kelemen began working in glass in 1984 in Venezuela, tutored by her father, Frank Kelemen, well-known for his work in stained glass. She has a bachelor's degree in architecture and a master's degree in project management from Cal Poly University in California. 


Posted On Wed April 04th 2018
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